Landscapes in Flight

Fields of Creation


Fields of Elysium

Flight of the Sun

Elmdon is a village about 6 miles west of the town of Saffron Walden, and is located in the heart of farmland consisting of gently rolling chalk hills. It is these hills and the work of the farmers in the fields that have been the source of inspiration for the creation of a collection of pictures entitled ‘Landscapes in Flight.’ I first noticed the photographic possibilities in these landscapes when driving along the M11, which is adjacent to the fields around Elmdon. The impact that the farm workers can have on the visual appearance of the land as they plough the fields and harvest the crops is that of creating lines, shapes, textures, and changes of colour, all of which contribute to a landscape with great artistic potential. The tractor is the instrument of artistic creation and the field the canvas’ and although the resultant aesthetic appeal of the land is not a conscious act of creation by the tractor drivers, the visual by-product of their labour can be dynamic and full of potential for the art of picture making. In addition, the shapes of the fields themselves have evolved over time as a result of the development of man’s relationship with the land, which has evolved as naturally as the process of nature itself.