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Artist’s Statement

My recent photographic work explores ways to use the beauty that is inherent in nature and to transform the images captured, using a process of visual evolution to create a new subjective meaning. This is done through the digital photographic process by capturing images that are not seen within the context of the place where […]

Picture Production

All my images are recorded onto raw files and are often under-exposed by one stop.  This is done to ensure that sufficient detail is recorded in the highlight areas with one eye looking towards the production of the prints.  If the shadow areas become a little dark they can easily be adjusted in the computer […]

Working process

I believe that any visual work of art whether it is abstract, representational or somewhere between the two should be based on the formal elements of line, tone, colour and texture.  These elements if clearly defined have the ability to interact with themselves and with each other and create visual interest from passive subtlety through […]


I have always used Nikon equipment starting with the Nikkormat body which I bought in 1972 in Singapore along with a Nikon 50mm 2.8 lens.  Since then I have had a series of cameras as newer models came onto the market – Nikon FE, Nikon 801, Nikon F3. Nikon F4, Nikon F5.  My first digital […]